Two days
Alas, too brief a visit
Still a stranger
I bid farewell:

To heather skies that embraced me
To people so familiar yet vastly different
To the tiniest of raindrops dancing on my window
To rekindling appreciation for timeless ritual

To a magical sprite
Frolicking amid the cobblestones
Her words of French so lyrical
Her tiny footsteps equaling those of history
Reflected in those sparkling blue eyes
I catch a glimpse of her angel wings

So quiet
I breathe in your quiet
It is time for me to go

I soar above you
Lush green
I close my eyes
I now know why I love green so)

I leave nothing but the breaths I took
I carry with me a promise to return
Next time
To make a more worthy acquaintance

To Emilie – The muse of my first visit to England
June 1998


One thought on “Emilie

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